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There are over 1,200 CAP members in the affected in the Houston area. Many of the squadrons have not been able to get into their facilities to assess the damage. Many of the members' homes and families are impacted. Please consider donating to support the recovery for our members.
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From the Nevada Wing Commander, Col Carol Lynn

From the Commander
As we approach the final months of the fiscal year, we have accomplished some impressive achievements: two impressive CAP Anniversary galas, a well planned and executed encampment, a successful Operations Evaluation, a first-ever Glider event for the Pacific Region Liaison staff, assistance at both Reno Air Races and Nellis Aviation Nation, membership in NV DEM committees, receipt of a Governor's special appropriation, participation in the National Science Teachers’ Conference, proclamations at the local, state, and federal levels, and more.

We are not done yet! Coming up we have: Wreaths Across America, 2018 Region Cadet Leadership School, Drone competition, and so much more. One thing I know about the members of Nevada Wing, we are always ready to take on a challenge and excel in all we do.

I don’t know about you, but I want to stay with Nevada Wing and see what happens next!

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