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2015-04-20 : Glider ops gearing up!

The Soaring Eagles of Douglas County Composite Squadron NV-067 are ramping up glider o-flight, glider pilot, and tow pilot instructional flights in the last week of April 2015, and everyone in northern Nevada and California--no, sorry, EVERYWHERE!--are welcome to attend!

We are looking for aviators in just about every level of flight training participation: tow pilot instruction, glider pilot instruction, cadet o-flights, Senior flight instruction, and Senior and Cadet ground glider instruction; and even Commercial glider certification.

If you are interested, contact me at or my squadron o-flight coordinator Capt. Eric Strotz ( and find out how you can join in. WE WANT AVIATORS! NOTE: aviators are not just guys who fly, but guys who support flyers. If you'd like to join us, CONTACT US!

Let's go flying!

2015-02-25 : Carson City Flight Open House 3/25

The forming Carson City flight of Douglas County Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol will host an open house event on Wednesday 3/25 at 6 pm at the airport terminal at Carson Airport. You can learn more about CAP, Nevada Wing, the forthcoming Carson City Composite Squadron, and the folks making up our flight. All are welcome!

2015-02-05 : First CAP Carson City Squadron meeting 2/11 1800 agenda

Welcome to our first Carson City Composite Flight meeting! Following is the agenda. Please feel free to let me know of any items you'd wish to include. I like to have my meetings about an hour in length, but we're in the forming stage of our group (forming, storming, norming, performing, right?) so we should all be flexible.

I will be leading these items for our first meeting, but my expectation is that all attendees, including cadets, will take part. This is especially true for safety education: I'd like a different person to give a safety education briefing each meeting. It can be on any topic, but it should be relevant (seasonal, flying, driving, personal safety, etc.), should be 15-20 minutes, and should be interactive--you ask questions and invite discussions, not just lecture. Be creative and have fun with it!
1) Invocation
2) Pledge of Allegiance
3) Safety briefing -- facility and safety education
4) Old Business:
a) review, discussion, changes to the original plan of action (copy attached, along with my scribbled notes)
b) Airport Board meeting 2/18
5) New Business:
a) Critical staff positions -- command, personnel, administration
b) Recruiting and outreach
c) New membership
d) Upcoming local event information and recruiting opportunities
e) Meeting structure -- cadets and seniors together to start?
6) Last minute items, next meeting 2/25, next full moon 3/5
7) Adjournment

Thanks, Dale...

2015-01-20 : IFR Made Easy Webinar presentation

I will be presenting Gary Reeves' presentation "IFR Made Easy" at the Douglas County Composite squadron headquarters at Minden-Tahoe Airport on Wednesday 1/21 at 6:30 pm. All are welcome. This is not a CAP function, so no uniform is required. For CAP members, I will be entering CAP safety credit for all attendees. See you then!

2015-01-20 : Glider instruction sessions being planned

Guys: We want to fly our airplanes, so we are putting on a push to schedule tow pilot instruction and glider pilot instruction throughout the week, not just on orientation ride days. Glider rides, glider instruction, and tow pilot checkout are available to all CAP members from any unit. Contact me and I'll get you started.

2014-12-03 : Squadron Holiday Celebration!

Our squadron holiday party is on Saturday 12/6 at 1700 (5 pm for you non-crewdogs) at the Taildragger Cafe at the Minden-Tahoe Airport. Dinner is $12.00 per person payable to my project officer Gary Swift before or on the day of your attendance. Please bring a dessert to share with the rest of the squadron.

This event is to celebrate our Successful rating in our latest Subordinate Unit Inspection and a simply great year overall in our unit.

As always, cadets and families of cadets who wish to attend any squadron function or event can attend for no cost--just let myself or Gary Swift know. The ability or inability to pay for any activity or event is never a factor in this squadron. If a cadet wishes to participate, we will see to it that he or she will go.

2014-09-19 : Recent news items

Everyone: Check out the recent articles from our friend Joey Crandall in the Carson Valley Times:

Nice profile of our fearless leader, Capt. Dale Brown:

Great article on the recent nationwide 9/11 Flag Challenge:

Enjoy! Comments welcome!

2014-09-19 : Squadron photo shoot Tuesday 9/30 5:00 pm

EVERYONE, BE AT THE SQUADRON for our first squadron photo shoot at 1700 on Tuesday 9/30, featuring our two CAP aircraft. This is a HISTORICAL photo of the premier CAP squadron in Nevada Wing. Uniform is BDUs for cadets and blue polos/gray slacks for Senior members, but don't worry if you're a new member but don't have a uniform--just BE THERE.

Be warned: as long as I'm commander, I will have a squadron photo done every year, and I expect ALL members to be present. If you can't be in the photo for whatever reason I will list you as "camera shy," but I expect you to be present for the photo for the benefit of the entire squadron. Step up. Thanks, Dale...

2014-09-16 : Upcoming events

Fellow Soaring Eagles: After a busy week with the USAF SAREX, here is a list of upcoming events to mark up your calendars:

Cadet powered o-rides are planned for Saturday 9/27 at 0800. Please send me your availability as o-ride pilots as well as cadet participants. I am chagrined to note that there are 6 Cadet Soaring Eagles with NO o-rides at all, plus one without a powered o-ride. Please sign up and let's go flying!

The squadron photo is set for Tuesday 9/30 at 1700 at headquarters. Uniform is BDUs for Cadets and blue polos and grey slacks for Seniors. I will need help in moving N-3022E from the hangar and for moving our glider for the photo.

The next Senior staff meeting will be on Wednesday 1 October 2014 at 0830 at headquarters. Please send your agenda items to me as soon as possible. I will have the Nevada Wing Inspector General Lt Col Jim Anderson at the meeting in person to discuss any issues you may have regarding completing and uploading worksheets for the SUI (if you have no idea what I'm talking about, YOU NEED TO BE AT THIS MEETING!).

The next Cadet glider o-rides are scheduled for Saturday 10/4 at 0700. Please let me know your availability for tow pilot, o-ride pilot, and ground support right away.

More updates later. Fly safe and have fun! Dale...
Dale Brown, Capt., CAP
Commander, Douglas County Composite Squadron, Minden, NV

2014-08-24 : Cadet Orientation Rides

Hello Soaring Eagles of Douglas County Composite Squadron! Let's run down Cadet orientation ride procedures for a sec:

Every CAP cadet under the age of 18 can receive five glider and five powered orientation rides (o-rides) as part of your CAP membership. It's one of the best parts of CAP membership and a great introduction to the world of aviation--and believe me, we o-ride pilots LOVE giving them! After o-rides, cadets can continue flight training in both gliders and powered aircraft and can even earn FAA flight certificates in CAP aircraft!

There are a few items to complete before your o-ride. Getting them done before you arrive will help everyone:


You must be under the age of 18, be safety current, and have your CAPID in hand (especially if you are not a member of DCCS). PLEASE don't make us print out a copy of your CAPID at the squadron--it takes too long. Please bring your CAPID.

I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND that ALL o-ride cadets watch the Aircraft Ground Handling video and take the AGH test. The video can be found at It's not required for glider o-rides, but I'd like you to do it. It's not hard and you might even enjoy it, and it's a good introduction to the important world of aircraft flight line operations.


Powered o-rides at Douglas County Composite Squadron are held on the last Saturday of every month. Let Capt. Sarbin or Capt. Brown know if you'd like an o-ride. You must be safety current and bring your CAPID. PLEASE don't show without being safety current. You can take an online course before takeoff but that just wastes time for everyone.

Everyone involved with the movement of CAP aircraft is required to watch the Aircraft Ground Handling video and take the AGH test every 2 years. The video can be found at Please have it done before flight day.

Meet at squadron headquarters at 0800 or whatever time you are briefed. Preferred uniform is BDUs with boots. Dress according to the weather (jackets and gloves in colder weather). Bring sunglasses, a camera (camera phones are OK in "Airplane" mode), a couple bottles of water, and a light snack. Powered o-ride days can last as long as 4 hours, so be prepared.

Pay close attention to your preflight briefing, especially aircraft awareness and emergency procedures. Ask questions and speak up! You are part of a flight crew during powered o-rides, so safety and airplane awareness are critical.


IMPORTANT! Glider o-rides require a lot of ground and air support, much more than powered o-rides. If you tell Capt Sarbin or Capt Brown that you are available and want a glider o-ride, it is IMPORTANT that you commit to attending and spending the day on the flight line. PLEASE don't say "yes" then cancel at the last minute. We generally require at least two cadets to commit to a glider o-ride day, or else we may cancel flying.

Glider o-rides are generally held at 0800 (0700 in summer) on the first Saturday of every month. Let Capt. Sarbin or Capt. Brown know if you'd like to fly as soon as possible. In the summertime we fly as early in the day as possible because of winds and density altitude issues (you will learn what this means when you start flying with us), so the earlier we can get you airborne, the better.

Along with being safety current and having done the Aircraft Ground Handling course, I STRONGLY (foot stomping on floor, STRONGLY) request that you complete the SSA Wing Runner Course and take the test at It's not required unless you want to train for your glider pilot certificate, but I REALLY REALLY RRRREALLY WANT you to do the course if you are going to fly gliders. It's quick and easy, and you will get so much more out of your glider o-ride if you take the course. Take a few minutes and do it. It's cool.

Preferred uniform for glider o-rides is BDUs but with soft-soled shoes such as sneakers or sandals, NO BOOTS and NO FLIP-FLOPS. Gliders are fragile things. A boonie hat (that covers your neck and face) is highly recommended, but any hat is OK as long as it does not have a hard button on top (that might scratch the Plexiglas canopy). We want you to do the Aircraft Ground Handling and Wing Runner courses because we will ask you to assist in moving and preparing the glider for flight. The more you know, the better.

You may be out on the glider flight line for several hours, away from a latrine, so bring LOTS of water, snacks, lunch, a hat, camera, sunscreen, and sunglasses. A glider cockpit is very sunny, so be prepared.

Again, we'd like lots of feedback and comments on your flight activities. Drop me a note at or to Capt. Sarbin anytime. Have a good flight. Let me know. Thanks, Dale...

2014-08-02 : Regular meeting times and dates

Squadron staff meetings are held the first Wednesday of the month at 0830 at the squadron headquarters (usually followed by breakfast at the Taildragger). All members are welcome, including cadets. Please send agenda items (topic and length of time you need) to me at least one day ahead of time.

Squadron Senior meetings are held the second Thursday of every month at 1900 at headquarters (usually preceded by dinner at the Taildragger!). All members are welcome, including cadets. A safety meeting is conducted at the start of each meeting which is good for every member's required monthly safety instruction. Again, please send agenda items (topic and length of time you need) to me at least one day ahead of time.

Cadet meetings are every Tuesday at 1800 at headquarters.

Thanks, Dale...