Civil Air Patrol
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Patch & Coin

The former Nellis Cadet Squadron patch design was approved in February 2003 by then Nevada Wing Commander, Col Matthew Wallace.

In 2007 the squadron organization restructured due to increased membership, and the unit name was changed to Nellis Composite Squadron. The patch design did not change, although the squadron name was updated on the lower banner.

Those who would like to purchase a patch can contact any Administration Officer during meeting hours or NCS Public Affairs. Patches are available for $3.00 to squadron personnel and $5.00 (plus postage) to all others.

Squadron coins are also available for $5.00 (plus postage) each, although are worded as Nellis Cadet Squadron on the lower banner. There is no current date on when new challenge coins will be produced. The current inventory of coins are suitable for historical or collectible use.

After extensive research and input from the NCS members, the final design was a three-inch, shield-and-scroll patch similar to USAF Command patches.

  • The entire design is outlined in blue. Blue, being a color of strength and unity, surrounds us always.
  • The main portion of the shield is outlined in silver – representing our state and wing – The Silver State.
  • Diagonally across the middle is a red, white and blue band representing the United States.
  • The red propeller and triangle prominently displayed, front and center, signify this is a Civil Air Patrol unit working to accomplish the three assigned missions.
  • The upper-right, black field and constellation represent space and CAP’s Aerospace Mission.
  • The constellation Aquila represents the Eagle. Eagles are symbolic of leadership. Mythology has Aquila as Zeus' personal pet and holder of the thunderbolts.
  • The lower-left, medium blue field and the USAF symbol represent our parent organization and the sky that both organizations operate within. Furthermore, it symbolizes the Emergency Services mission and our relationship with the USAF in our ES tasking.
  • The bottom, brown field represents the desert that we live in and our cadets – the foundation of our unit's mission. Furthermore, it represents the ground teams of CAP's ES mission.
  • The wavering black dividing line symbolizes the mountains and valleys of the geographic terrain around our region. The black also represents the mission base staff that works to unite the efforts of the ground and air teams in ES operations.
  • The playing cards represent our city, Las Vegas. The numbers zero, six and nine are for our unit charter number/designation – 069. Spades are traditional symbols for aviation and aircraft.
  • The yellow-and-black checkerboard across the top represents the colors of Nellis Air Force Base, our home.
  • The white scroll at the bottom contains the unit name, Nellis Cadet [Comp] Squadron. The white of the scroll represents the core value of integrity.