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Douglas County Composite Squadron NV-067


Capt Susan Kennedy, CAP | Email

Deputy Commander for Seniors
Capt Frederick LaSor, CAP | Email

Deputy Commander for Cadets
Capt Theodore Sarbin, CAP | Email

Mailing Address:
1144 Airport Rd.
Minden, NV 89423

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Welcome to the Douglas County Composite Squadron web page. We are located at Minden, Nevada. We are a composite squadron, hosting both senior and cadet members. If you are learning about the Civil Air Patrol and interested in learning about the Douglas County Composite Squadron please review the information on this page.

Captain Dale Brown

Douglas County Composite Squadron hosts glider cadet orientation rides the first Saturday of every month at 0800 (0700 in the summer) and cadet powered orientation rides on the last Saturday of every month at 0800. Contact is Captain Dale Brown, 775-690-0072. Cadets from any CAP squadron are welcome to attend (please phone or e-mail me ahead of time)!

Every CAP cadet gets 5 glider and 5 powered aircraft orientation rides, and after that may take instruction in either or both from CAP instructor pilots.

Prospective members should attend their respective meetings (Cadets with their parents) and plan on speaking with squadron members about your desires and expectations as a member, CAP duty assignments, training, uniforms, activities, and the membership process. We'll guide you through the steps after that. Again, Welcome!