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The United States Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol, is a congressionally chartered volunteer organization charged with three primary responsibilities: Emergency Services, Cadet Programs, and Aerospace Education. Through an agreement with the First Air Force, CAP is an integral participant in Homeland Security. The CAP Chaplain Corps supports these objectives serving the 61,000 members of CAP and the USAF Chaplain Corps through . . .

upholding each member's First Amendment right to religious expression
moral and ethical instruction to cadets and seniors
worship, liturgies, rites, and religious observances
pastoral counseling and spiritual leadership
consulting, advising, and coaching CAP leadership
participation in search & rescue missions and disaster relief
support and intervention during times of crisis
assisting the United States Air Force, Army Reserve, and Army National Guard with chaplain services as requested

About CAP Chaplains

Under the guidance of both the U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps and the corporate leadership, CAP chaplains carry out a ministry of presence in the units they serve. They are reminders of the presence of God in community and crisis. The chaplain is a member of the commander's staff, serving as advisor to the commander and his/her staff on matters of religion, morale, cadet protection, ethics, and the well-being of CAP members under his/her command. CAP chaplains also provide support to Active-Duty, Reserve, and Guard units in many locations.

CAP chaplains meet the same general qualifications of Active Duty and Reserve military chaplains, and are endorsed by denominational chaplain commissions approved by the Department of Defense Armed Forces Chaplain's Board.

About Character Development Instructors

Character Development Instructors serve under the mentorship of an assigned Unit Chaplain or Wing Chaplain helping to provide the character development training required of all CAP cadets. Character Development Instructors do not provide ministerial services and are not protected by the same clergy privileged communication laws as chaplains.