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Glider Program

Nevada Wing operates three gliders for the Nevada Wing glider program - two L-23 Super Blanik training sailplanes and a Schleicher ASK-21. A Blanik and Schleicher glider are based at the Douglas County Composite Squadron at Minden, Nevada. A Blanik L-23 is based at Jean, Nevada.

As additional NVWG CAP Glider Pilots receive their CAPF 5-G certifications in the L-23, and as they meet the requirements to be designated as Glider Orientation Pilots per CAPR 60-1, we will evaluate assigning the gliders to different locations on a rotating basis. This will maximize glider utilization and provide opportunities to Cadets throughout NVWG territory.

The Nevada Wing was able to manage numerous Glider Orientation (GO) Flights for our Cadets again this year.

The largest group of GO-Flights are held as part of the Nevada Training Encampment (NTE) during the Summer.

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Minden, Nevada location
Jean, Nevada location