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The following information is important for the planning, preparation and performance for a subordinate unit inspection

The SUI Cycle Nevada Wing is now on a 24 month Subordinate Unit Inspection (SUI) cycle. In each year when an SUI is not scheduled, the squadron commander shall conduct a self-inspection (SI).

Inspection Schedule Follow the SUI Inspection Schedule 12 Jul 2016 link to view the five year inspection schedule. The schedule is published annually.

Team Leader Assignments - Calander 2016

Calander 2016SquadronTeam Leader
NovNV-801Maj Dale Leccacorvi
JanNV-054Maj Dennis Gordon
JanNV-065Lt Col Steve Schlieper
FebNV-050Maj Richard Wheeler
MarNV-067Lt Col Jim Anderson
MarNV-070Maj Dale Leccacorvi

Scope of the SUI The former SUI guide has been modified. There were 16 functional areas that were inspected. There are now 12 functional areas. The worksheets, which contain the inspection criteria and standards, may be downloaded from the National CAP IG webpage. SUI Worksheets

Special Emphasis The wing commander may designate emphasis on certain regulatory requirements not included in the worksheets. Such additional emphasis items will be included in the annual inspection program. Items for this inspection year are at Command Emphasis Items 13 Mar 2016

Phases of the SUI There are three general phases to the SUI process
(1) Phase 1 is the 60 day period preceding the date of the inspection and continues through 10 days before the onsite inspection. It includes data gathering and upload into e-services by the inspected unit.
(2) Phase 2 starts 10 days prior to the onsite inspection through the conclusion of the onsite visit. During this period the deliverables are evaluated and the final assessment and grade is determined for the inspected unit.
(3) Phase 3 is the follow-up activities such as publishing the final report and supervision of discrepancy resolution. Publication of the final report may be expected within two weeks of the conclusion of the onsite visit.

Milestones Follow the Milestones link for a review of the major event activities of the SUI

Uniformity of Grading and Evaluations Follow the link to Grading Standardization 04 Mar 2016 , for guidelines to assure the consistent and uniform application of inspection and grading standards. These guidelines will be updated as questions and resolution are identified.

Deliverables To each SUI worksheet question that you answer, “Yes,” you provide verifying documentation. These are the deliverables. If you need guidance on which deliverables are appropriate to submit, refer to Grading Standardization 04 Mar 2016 on the Nevada Wing website, and to the Inspection Knowledge Base on the CAP national website, IG page

The Inspection Environment Follow the link, Positive Environment, to view steps to insure a positive and productive environment during the inspection

The Self-Inspection (SI)

The unit self-inspection results are not graded but merely maintained by the wing IG office. Self-inspections are intended to give the squadron commander and squadron staff a regular state of the squadron perspective. The outcome provides a “pass-on book” for members assuming a new staff position. It is also an excellent tool for preparing the squadron, with minimal effort, for the next subordinate unit inspection.

For the SI, use the same inspection worksheets used for a subordinate unit inspection. These worksheets provide the inspection criteria and standards for 12 functional areas of the squadron’s mission related activities. The only difference is that the squadron commander and staff are the inspecting officials.

With a thorough assessment, the squadron will also be ready for the next subordinate unit inspection.

Support and Assistance If you need assistance in completing the forms and providing the required deliverables, call or e-mail me. If we cannot resolve the problem by telephone/e-mail, either a member of the inspection team or I will conduct a personal visit to assist you