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The Department of Public Safety’s Division of Emergency Management has in 2016 developed a robust training program designed to provide Public Information Officers (PIOs) with the essential knowledge, skills, procedures and abilities to support proper decision-making at all levels in the event of a disaster. During disasters public information officers provide the information people need to save lives and protect property.

The four training courses listed below kick off the first series of classes scheduled at the DEM facility, at no charge:

G289 – Public Information Officer Awareness – 2/13/2017 (1 day)
G290 – Public Information Officer – Basic – 3/1-2/2017 (2 day)
G291– Joint Information System/Joint Information Center Planning for Tribal, State and Local
PIOs – 4/10/2017 (1 day)
PER344 - Social Media Tools and Techniques (1 day)

To obtain a full description of each course listed please visit: Training Calendar To register for course please visit: DEM Course Registration Form
2478 Fairview Drive Carson City, Nevada 89701

The Pacific Region Conference is starting to take shape. It will be April 28-30, 2017 in Sparks, Nevada. PAO seminars will be at the conference and Major DiGiantomasso would really like your input on what we should cover in a PAO seminar for the Region. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

Also, if anyone is interested in presenting a topic please let her know.