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Aircraft Fueling Procedures 04 Mar 2016
Aircraft Weight & Balance Calculator 23 Jan 2017
Read the warning below before downloading!
Install Security Certificate
WARNING: The Weight and Balance Calculator above WILL NOT RUN unless Col Ralph Miller's security certificate is first installed on the computer. This only needs to be once per computer. To install the certificate, download this zip file, open the file and select Extract All. In the extracted folder run RLMAuthority.exe. You will get a warning asking if you really want to install the certificate. Col Miller is the former NV Wing Commander and is a member of the CAP Board of Governors -- you can trust him. After doing this process once you will be able to run this and other programs supplied by Col Miller.
CAP-AIF Aircraft Flight Time Log Sheet 01 Nov 2013
Aircraft managers -- handwrite the hourly bill rate on the form
Mission Receipt Transmission Example 04 Mar 2016
May be handwritten or computer generated