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NVCAPF 55- Nevada Wing Cadet Programs Quarterly Unit Report 23 Jun 2016
CAPR 52-16 Cadet Programs 23 Jun 2016
CAP Travel Voucher 04 Mar 2016
This NHQ-produced form must be filled out for all travel reimbursements. Members have their choice of using a per-diem reimbursement or submitting receipts for actual meal expense. The proper per-diem amount for the city or cities you are visiting may be found at GSA. You may include up to two different locations on one form. If you visit more than two locations, you must use multiple forms. The form is automated and it is important to fill out every block in the order they appear – use the tab key to move from block to block. Submit completed forms to the Wing Administrator at Wing HQ via email.
CAPF 170, Business Meals and Entertainment Form 04 Mar 2016
Required for any business meals or entertainment involving 2 or more persons.
NVCAPF 173-1 Member Paid Flight Form 01 Jun 2016
NVCAPF 173-2 Deposit Advice Form 01 Jun 2016
NVCAPF 173-3 Check Request Form 01 Jun 2016 Instructions
NVCAPF 173-4 Fundraising Request Form 01 Jun 2016
NVCAPF 173-5 Deposit for Member Flying Form 01 Jun 2016
Direct Deposit Enrollment Form 04 Mar 2016