Civil Air Patrol
Citizens Serving Communities

Safety Officers and Activity Safety Officers

We are a small community in Nevada so we need to help each other out. Please never hesitate to call me, Capt. Kenneth Lucia, at the number at the top of the page. I exist to help you—you do not serve me. Here are some other things you can do to get ideas, inform you on safety matters, and make you a more valuable resource to your unit.

- Read the Wing Safety Newsletter when it comes out
- Read the Safety Beacon every month
- Aggressively pursue the Safety officer track in CAPP 217
- Become a Mission Safety Officer (MSO) for Emergency Services
- Become intimately familiar with the Safety Management System (SMS) screens, reports, inputs, etc.
- Have your commander’s back. Become the expert they can depend on to anticipate and solve problems before they know they need anything. Don’t be reactive—be proactive.
- Come up with new ideas of your own
- Ask for help, ideas, etc. from me, other Safety Officers, and resource links at the Safety website
- Become familiar with the FAAST Team and Wings programs
- Keep a good Safety Binder
- Always keep updating your IG inspection guide
- Attend whatever safety training you can get your hands on
- Make Safety as exciting as you can make it. Put enthusiasm in your voice and practice well.