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Reporting Mishaps

In Nevada, you will handle the emergency first (critical steps, lifesaving, etc.) and as soon as the crisis portion is past (like after administering CPR, etc.) contact a representative of the wing staff per Nevada Wing Supplement 62-2, Mishap Reporting and Investigation. The members on this list will advise you on your next step, such as if a call to the NOC is necessary, how to start the mishap entries in the Safety Management System (SMS), etc. The exception to calling the wing first is in the case of an aircraft accident, vehicle accident, or bodily injury accident (definitions of these are in CAPR 62-2, Mishap reporting and Review).

Capt Kenneth Lucia -- SE -- 702.218.6703
Col Timothy Hahn ----- CC -- 775.842.5126
Lt Col Jay Roberts ---- VC -- 702.596.4781

In an effort to help you with the SMS, the Nevada Wing developed 2 versions of checklists to help you know what will be required for the entries in SMS. The SMS is not always intuitive or friendly, so having these tools will help you greatly. Please do not hesitate to call your unit Safety Officer, unit Commander, or Nevada Director of Safety. Failing to do the SMS inputs timely or properly can possibly result in the loss of insured status of members and the personal liability for damages to the people who fail to report properly. Further, there are some tricky blocks where too much or too little information could bite you or embarrass you. So please call first!!

SMS Step 1 and 2 Inputs – Worksheet Version
Then login to eServices, choose the Safety Management System (SMS) link
Notice under the References section, Mishap Worksheet
SMS Step 1 and 2 Inputs – Booklet Version (link under construction)
SMS Step 1 and 2 Inputs – Washington Wing Aircraft Mishap Supplemental worksheet (link under construction)
NHQ Training guidance is located in eServices under SMS Online Safety Education

Then login to eServices, choose the Safety Management System (SMS) link
Notice under the References section, Online Safety Education
Everyone ------------- Introduction to CAP Safety
Everyone ------------- Elective Monthly Education Courses (if no other eligible safety received for that month)
Everyone ------------- Annually, Risk Management Course (basic course is fine)
Commanders ------- Those courses above, and within 180 days, Safety Specialty Track Courses (Basic, Senior, and Master)
Safety Officers ---- Those courses above, (except within 90 days) and Risk Management Courses (“Basic” initially, the rest should be within 180 days)
Activity Commanders and Activity Safety Officers
Basic and Intermediate Risk Management Courses

NV Wing training guide on SMS Inputs PowerPoint presentation (Insert link)