Transforming youth into dynamic Americans and aerospace leaders


Your Cadet Program is organized around four main elements. Everything you do as a cadet will point back to one or more of these elements, in one way or another. 


CAP introduces cadets to Air Force perspectives on leadership through classroom instruction, mentoring, and hands-on learning. First, cadets learn to follow, but as they progress, they learn how to lead small teams, manage projects, think independently, and develop leadership skills they can use in adult life. 

You'll learn to lead and conquer challenges as a team.
Aerospace CAP inspires in youth a love of aviation, space, and technology. Cadets study the fundamentals of aerospace science in the classroom and experience first-hand in CAP aircraft. Cyber topics important to the national defense represent a new frontier. Summer activities allow cadets to explore aerospace-related careers.  Where's the best place to study aerospace? The cockpit!
Fitness CAP encourages cadets to develop a lifelong habit of regular exercise. The Cadet Program promotes fitness through calisthenics, hiking, rappelling, obstacle courses, competitions, and other vigorous activities. A comprehensive fitness test based on age, gender, and cadet rank challenges cadets.  Being a cadet means getting into shape and growing stronger.
Character CAP challenges cadets to live their Core Values. Through character forums, cadets discuss ethical issues relevant to teens. Chaplains often lead the discussions, but the forums are not religious meetings. CAP also encourages cadets to promote a drug free ethic in their schools and communities.  You won't just honor America, you'll solidify your character.