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2016-Present: Current Operations

Civil Air Patrol is leveraging the latest technologies to improve its search and rescue capabilities. Proprietary software has enable the National Cell Phone Foresnsics and Radar Analysis Teams to locate missing persons with trembly accuracy.  Aircraft equipped with imaging pods can rapidly collect high-resolution imagery to aid disaster relief efforts, while ground teams equipped with small unmanned aircraft systems provide precision aerial analysis upon demand.

The National Youth Initiative's Cadet Wings program has enabled cadets to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.  Thousands of CAP's STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) kits are enhancing the aerospace education of students nationwide.  These include small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) to familiarize youth with small drones.  Approximately 2,000 sUAS are currently fielded by CAP, the largest such fleeting in the nation.

In 2020, CAP launched its largest sustained operation since World War II in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  More than 15,000 members provided over 32,000 counter days of service to their communities. At the end of 2020, CAP members had delivered over 7.7 million meals, 2.6 million masks, and 175,000 test kits, 115,000 test samples, and thousands of doses of lifesaving vaccines. By end of June 2020, Nevada Wing volunteers completed 59 mission sorties, had 76 total participants; 27 of whom were cadets.  

Until the pandemic is defeated, CAP will continue to support local, state, and federal efforts in every way it can.

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