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1950-2014 Washoe Jeep Squadron

The Washoe Jeep Squadron: A Lasting Legacy

C/Capt Aaron Goff

When people discuss Nevada Wing’s 80-year history, many think of the actions each of our great squadrons had undertaken in search and rescue, volunteer service, and flight training. Without one of Nevada’s oldest squadrons and their legacy, Nevada Wing wouldn’t be the same as it stands today. Nevada Wing’s 80th anniversary has sparked a new appreciation for what the Civil Air Patrol has accomplished over the years, now is the perfect time to commemorate the legendary actions of the men and women of the Washoe Jeep Squadron.

During World War II, Nevada Wing assembled the Washoe Jeep Squadron’s predecessor, the Mechanized Unit to assist the air searches. The difficult terrain combined with the notoriously harsh weather of the Sierra Nevada mountains often made air searches and rescues impossible. But it would not be enough to simply locate a downed aircraft by air. If a pilot and/or crew had survived the crash, most probably it would be necessary to get to them with medical aid and bring them out. Helicopters were still undergoing development at the time, and therefore unavailable.  Nevada Wing found a solution, with members offering their 4x4 off-road vehicles to aid mission efforts. After years of service, this Mechanized Unit was disbanded at the conclusion of the war.

However, the need for ground support didn’t disappear.  Read full story here.





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