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2023 Nevada Wing Summer Encampment


Get ready to launch yourself into one of the most challenging, exciting and rewarding weeks of your life!  


Silver's Edge III Encampment will cover Aerospace Education, Leadership, Character Development, Physical Fitness and Drill and Ceremonies in fantastic ways that make them come alive and will make you excited to explore them further when you return to your home units. As an added bonus, when you graduate from the Nevada Training Corps, you will absolutely want to staff future encampments.

What you learn as young leaders in Civil Air Patrol will set you well above your peers for military academies, the bests schools, ROTC, the corporate world, and everywhere that leaders are needed. YOU will be future Presidents, members of Congress, CEOs, generals, doctors, pilots, lawyers and highly productive workers in the workforce. YOU are going to make America in your image! On top of all of this, you are going to have a ton of fun!

 All cadets will be able to participate in a firearms course taught by NRA-certified instructors. Cadets will have the opportunity to earn their NRA marksmanship badges to wear on their uniforms.

Cadets are highly encouraged to apply for Cadet Encampment Assistance Program scholarships which will cover the cost of attending Encampment. REGISTRATION OPENING SOON!


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Encampment Commander/POC: TSgt Shawn Carter

Introducing the 2023 NVWG Encampment Executive Cadre

C/Lt. Col. Roxanne Guimaray

Col Guimarey has staffed three Nevada Wing encampments, serving in various leadership roles, most recently as a CTS Squadron Commander at our second Wendover encampment last summer. Col Guimarey is a proven leader and brings a standard of excellence to this year’s encampment.

Cadet Commander

Las Vegas Composite Squadron

C/Lt. Col Gerald Mon Pere

As the former Cadet Commander of the Tahoe-Truckee Composite Squadron and current wing representative to the Pacific Region CAC, he also brings executive leadership skills and great ideas to the command team. Col Mon Père is also a distinguished graduate of the Cadet Officer School and served as staff on multiple encampments throughout CAP.

Cadet Deputy Commander/Operations

Tahoe-Truckee Composite Squadron

C/1st Lt. Gavin Ashby

Lt Ashby was a flight commander at Silver’s Edge II and has returned to us to oversee all cadet support operations. Lt Ashby is the current Cadet Commander at his home squadron as well as many other key positions to help support his cadets. Lt Ashby has also served on the Nevada Wing CAC as a committee chairman and planned events on the robotics committee and this recent year’s Nevada Wing Conference.

Cadet Deputy Commander/Support

Reno Composite Squadron

C/2d Lt. James Hastings

Lt Hastings works within IT and Public Affairs and brings with him experience to capture the many moments students will remember for the rest of their lives through the lens of a camera! He will lead the public affairs team in a mission to bring to light the best of this year's 2023 Nevada Wing Encampment!

NTC Public Affairs Officer

Washington Wing





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