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As of January 10, 2022, Nevada Wing is currently operating under Remobilization Phase 1:

  • Meetings and activities will be limited to no more than 10 members in attendance, including required senior members for cadet protection purposes. This might be OK for smaller units, but larger squadrons should plan to make your meetings virtual, or consider meeting in small groups at different times or locations. The exception to the 10-person limit is that members may meet outdoors in groups of up to 25 provided social distancing is observed. I know this is difficult in January, but it is an option.

  • Cadet orientation flights, flight training, flight evaluations and small aircrew training can and should continue, although TOP and ROTC flights are not allowed in Phase I. ES training is fine as long as the above limits are observed. Large flying activities such as orientation flight field days are not permitted, so orientation flights should be scheduled in advance with only those flying in attendance.

  • Commanders should resume asking health questions and taking temperature screenings before admitting members to meetings or activities. 3-foot social distancing must be maintained and face coverings worn indoors at all time in accordance with CAPR 39-1, regardless of vaccination status. Everything else from my Phase II e-mail applies as well, including guidance for high-risk members, adding virtual components wherever possible, and that discrimination against those who cannot or choose not to participate in person will not be tolerated.

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