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Before using the Nevada Wing 80th anniversary graphic, please review the 80th Anniversary Identity Guide to ensure proper application and usage of the graphics.  The same usage rules that apply to Civil Air Patrol's 80th Anniversary graphics shall also apply to Nevada Wing's 80th Anniversary graphic. 

Special Note for social media usage: please only use for official CAP/squadron/Wing accounts. No personal social media accounts.

The graphic is .png with a transparent background. If you have questions about these graphics or anything related to Nevada Wing’s brand management, please contact Maryan.Tooker@nvwg.cap.gov

DOWNLOAD HIGH RES GRAPHIC For print media (i.e. posters, flyers, newspapers, magazines, swag, etc.)

DOWNLOAD LOW RES GRAPHIC For Electronic Distribution (i.e. social media, powerpoint presentations, electronic press releases, etc)

12x18 Commemorative Recruiting Poster




Sticker Designs



Radio PSAs

80th Anniversary Proclamation

Open House

Upcoming Event

Civic Club

National Leadership Day -- Sept. 4

National Aerospace Week -- third week in September

National STEM/STEAM Day -- Nov. 8






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