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We’ve had a successful summer with a good number of our members attending the largest Basic Cadet Encampment in Nevada Wing History.  Congratulations to all the staff for making that happen.  We’ve also had Cadets and Senior Members help support Encampments in other wings as well as attending National Cadet Special activities.    We’ve had cadets who’ve soloed an airplane for the first time, cadets who’ve attended one of the many career exploration activities over the summer, or even having met Major General Phelka, The Civil Air Patrol National Commander.   

We’ve continued our normal operations and we’ve started back to school so we are back to the “normal routine” for our school months but please pay attention to the opportunities that arise through the year.  Cadets, please continue to advance in the cadet program, the more progress you make the higher the likelihood of being selected for one of these activities.  Seniors, look to support some of these NCSA’s as well.  They are really a great rewarding experience for all involved.

The Nevada Wing has recently welcomed a New Director of Cadet Programs, Major Michael Lipka and a New Director of Aerospace Education Captain Nicholas Sacco.  Be prepared as these new teammates step up to help shape the Nevada Wing into the future as we try to take on new challenges in Nevada.

The Nevada Wing Glider has been returned to service and we’re looking forward to restarting our Glider Orientation Flights as well as Glider Pilot training as timing and weather allow.  I’m pretty excited about the work that our glider program has been doing, partnering with other agencies outside of CAP but also with Oregon, Idaho and California Wings in helping them meet their glider objectives.  

Periodically, the Wing gets evaluated to make sure we are providing an efficient and sustainable program for our subordinate units, in Nevada that would be our Cadet, Composite, and Senior squadrons.  This is what’s called a Compliance Inspection and the staff will be working diligently to make sure that we are in compliance with regulations and the goals that are set forth by Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters, the Pacific Coast Region and the United States Air Force.   So please bear with us as we are preparing for this inspection while still trying to make the Nevada Wing the organization that sets the standard.  

Thanks for now.  Keep up the good work.


Brian C. Howard, Col. CAP

Commander, Nevada Wing

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