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Hello, everyone!  Welcome to all of you visiting our site.  Spring is, well, springing!  At least Nevada Wing is.  The weather is getting better and we’re coming out of COVID (yay!).  Now we turn our thoughts to recruiting, retention, and training.  That means that we’re building new ES exercises and getting our pilots refreshed and re-qualified.  Cadets (and seniors) are applying for most of the National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs).  Squadron meetings are being held in person again.  All good things!      

We are working in partnership with Utah Wing to upgrade the airfield facilities at Wendover so that they can be used for all kinds of CAP activities, including Encampments.  Also, NVWG has spearheaded the development of a joint PCR/RMR Glider Academy NCSA to be held in the first week of July at that same location.  

We just finished the annual Legislative Day to inform our Nevada Congressional delegation regarding what great things are happening here in our Wing.  They were all very supportive and amazed at what we do.   General Colin Powell said, “There is no end to the good you can do if you don’t care who gets the credit.”  A whole lot of our CAP members here in Nevada Wing – and nationwide - prove the General right.  Thanks again for stopping by our website, and if you’re not yet a CAP member, won’t you consider joining? We invite you to visit our LOCAL SQUADRONS and see what we do.  

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