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NV 064 – Change of Command

Press Release:

NV 064 - Change of Command

Maj. E. Martin, CAP

12 June 2017

Las Vegas, NV – Lt. Col. Malcolm Arnot welcomes all the members and opens the ceremony inviting our Wing Commander Col Carol Lynn, Maj. Bill Edwards and Maj. Robert Lopez.

Col. Carol Lynn held the change of command ceremony at the NV064 squadron on 12 June 2017.

During the ceremony, Maj. Robert Lopez relieved Major Bill Edwards as the Nellis Squadron NV064  commander.

The time-honored ceremony marked an end to Maj. Edwards leadership of the command he headed since 2013.

Due to his dedication to the Cadet Programs in Nevada Wing, Maj. Edwards is now the Director of Cadet Programs.

Maj. Lopez addressed the members for the first time as the Nellis Senior Squadron NV-064 commander.

By saying: "I am truly honored and humbled to take the helm, and I will do my absolute best to maintain the high standards of excellence that Maj. Edwards has set for this squadron," Maj. Lopez said before congratulating Maj Edwards on a job well done.

He challenge the members; to stay “Active”, to “Participate” in all CAP activities, not just coming to the meetings and remind us that there’s many activities in which all members can be involve to learn and grow together in the CAP.

Col. Lynn, supported Maj. Lopez by saying; “by remaining active give us the key for our personal and professional growth, consequently, we can give our best to the CAP, to our Communities, State and Nation.

Wing Director of Operations, Lt. Col. Gene Pasinsky remarked the importance of all air operations, the way the members must be prepared, and gives a support to Commander Maj. Lopez.

Every member present congratulates Maj. Lopez, who is a great asset for NV064, it is a Commander with experience, Maj. Lopez was a commander at PCR NV-069 Nellis Composite Squadron where he gain experience leading cadets and seniors;  now he is totally ready to continue to grow in the NV064.

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