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Upcoming 2017 Summer Encampment

Upcoming 2017 Summer Encampment

By Lt. Col. Mohammed High, CAP

Nevada Wing will be holding its 5th Civil Air Patrol Summer Encempment program help at Camp Stead Army National Guard Training Center. Encampment provides cadets opportunity to develop leadership skills, work as a team to achieve goals, help cadets step out of comfort zone for personal growth and learn about Aerospace Science and related careers. 

Encampment Commander, Lt. Col. Jay Roberts wrote an article giving us insight of what the program entails. 

Encampment presents the five key traits of cadet life - the uniform, aerospace themes, opportunities to lead, challenge, and fun in an intensive environment that moves cadets beyond their normal comfort zones for personal growth. Through activities such as rappelling, obstacle courses, firearms training, and the like, encampments encourage safe, calculated risk-taking in a safe environment. To develop their resilience, cadets may encounter momentary setbacks toward their personal and team goals during the carefully designed activities. Adult guidance and encouragement from fellow cadets ensures a supportive environment. 

Encampment showcases the Cadet Program's regimented, military-like training model in a positive, age-appropriate manner consistent with CAP and Air Force traditions. Encampments operate at a higher level of intensity in respect to the military aspects of cadet like than virtually any other cadet activity, short of some of the premiere NCSAs. The strictness, rigor, sense of urgency, and overall expectations of military bearing will be markedly more challenging at encampment. 

Last year, support was provided by Nevada Army National Guard Aviation Unit, the Camp Stead Training Center and the Nevada Air Force National Guard. Cadets and senior staff had the opportunity to participate in military orientation rides on the CH-47 Chinook Helicopter, the UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter and the C-130 Hercules Aircraft. 

We are looking forward to another successful summer encampment this year, more to come on this year's encampment program.

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