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Aerospace Education - it's for all of us

Aerospace Education - it's for all of us

Maj. Thomas Cooper, CAP

Why aerospace educations? Aren't we all interested in some aspect of aviation? It's not just because some of us want to fly. We need to have some knowledge of it to do our volunteer jobs. It touches on Emergency Services as we use airplanes as our primary platform. Ground teams need to understand how planes work to guide them in and communicate. It touches on cadet programs as we use aviation to teach science and leadership. We use it to show them future careers, not just flying but other aspects such as aerodynamics, design, medical, and more. It touches on the public as we teach them how so many aspects of aviation; private, commercial, military affect their lives. 

As one of the three blades of our mission, Aerospace Education helps show what we do and why we are needed. It tells the public and our members where we are from and where we are going. A wiser man than I spoke of how we as a nation led the world from the horse and buggy to the surface of the moon in one human life time. We are looking at moving further than ever from the International Space Station to possible voyages to Mars and beyond. Civil Air Patrol has been a part of that from coastal patrol, to the Thunderbirds to the Space Shuttle. Be proud Nevada Wing - Every day. 

While the Aerospace issue looked at today and tomorrow, the next issue will look back to our Nevada Wing History. We have a long proud history with the oldest active squadron in the nation. So dig in your attics, chat up your seniors and lets us look back at where we came from. 

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