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Future in Aviation

Future in Aviation

Lt. Col. Mohammed High, CAP

Beginning next year, Civil Air Patrol will be receiving federal funds from the U.S. Air Force to implement a program designed to help solve a national pilot shortage. 

CAP is working with its partners on many ways to encourage America's youth to pursue aviation careers, CAP is expanding existing programs as well as creating new ones to address the challenges. 

As CAP moves into the fiscal year of 2019 they are working hard to implement a significant initiative funded by the Air Force to attack the problems on several fronts. 

Measures include: $400,000 for CAP to provide cadet orientation flights for Air Force ROTC and Air Force JR ROTC cadets, $500,000 for Stem (Science, Technology, engineering and math) programs support that CAP will use to field more kits for squadron to employ as part of internal aerospace education programs and for teacher members to use in their classrooms. $1 million for formal flight instruction of CAP cadets, which is expected to lead to about 240 cadets soloing and another 60 earning their FAA private pilot certificates and $500,000 to support career exploration activities for CAP cadets. 

CAP cadets and seniors around the nation are enthusiastic about the initiative and hope will encourage youth to pursue aviation careers and take advantage of this great opportunity of a head start to military, commercial and general aviation career. 

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