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Veterans Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade

Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jameel High, CAP
Las Vegas Composite Squadron
Cadet Deputy Commander for Support
U.S. Air Force Auxiliary

The Veterans Day Parade is held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada to honor those who have proudly served the nation. This is the one of the of the largest Veterans Day Parade in the country, second only to its counterpart in New York City, New York. While the Parade is always especially festive and patriotic, this year was first time that the Civil Air Patrol made an appearance!

There were the Las Vegas Composite and Jack Schofield Squadrons representing the Civil Air Patrol, charter numbers NV-070 and NV-802 respectively. Personally, I enjoyed attending the the event. During our commute to the venue, I observed that cadets were concerned about the amount of walking that would be done and the amount of time the event would take.

Generous passerby offered the cadet force bottles of water and many viewers of the event cheered for our performance and wellbeing. Overall, the event intrigued me to the fullest extent and the cadets who participated told me in person, that the event was not what they expected it to be, even some of my cadet staff. I found that everyone departed satisfied and with news networks getting our name out there across the country, I feel that the event as a whole was a success.

On that note, we need more and more of our cadets to represent the Civil Air Patrol. I encourage that everyone considers attending Basic Cadet School-Advanced Training School, either as a student or as staff. It will be held in the Nevada Army National Guard facility at 4500 W Silverado Ranch Blvd, Las Vegas, Nevada. It is an overnight event that takes place at 1600 on 1/11/19 to 1500 on 1/13/19. Attendees will only have to pay $40 for the experience. Since the event is so similar to the Civil Air Patrol’s Encampment event, students who go will be better prepared for it’s endeavors and anyone who serves as staff has a higher chance of being selected for staff at Encampment! For now, my understanding is that signing up as staff is restricted to the Las Vegas Composite Squadron (NV-070). you will be notified of any significant changes to this event. Check your official Civil Air Patrol (Office 365) email for information on more upcoming events!

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