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Wreaths Across America 2018

Wreaths Across America 2018

Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jameel High, CAP
Las Vegas Composite Squadron
Cadet Deputy Commander for Support

Wreaths Across America is an annual event that honors deceased veterans who served the country. It expands to many organizations including the Civil Air Patrol. Cadets from many Southern Nevada squadrons attended the event. Many people went and the venue was filled with patriotism and a good amount of remorse and remembrance for those who served faithfully.

Hosted at the Southern Nevada Veterans Memorial in Boulder City, Nevada, cadets were to separate into various teams each with a senior cadet in charge and place wreaths on surrounding graves. Cadets were to work with each other to find every grave that required a wreath. After finding a veteran without a wreath, cadets would place a wreath above their tombstone, feathering out the branches and straightening the adorned bow.

The Jack Schofield cadet squadron (NV-802) professionally handled the delicate duty of making sure that their color guard lineup was representing the Civil Air Patrol in the best way possible. They wore their best and highest class Their uniform expectation was perfection and their performance was nothing less. They participated in placing wreaths, as well.

I was assigned specific people to deliver wreaths to. I was to locate my first grave and place an adorned, but conservative wreath. After spreading the branches and saluting

More than 900 Wreaths Across America ceremonies and celebrations occur across the country on the same day. The philosophy is that even though the nation has Veteran’s Day to honor those who served, one day is not enough for the people who were close to those who perished. Those people see the veteran’s service every day, by not seeing them. Wreaths Across America was established so that family members and close friends of those who passed could honor veterans during the most wonderful time of the year. Wreaths can even be delivered by cadets and other personnel, if friends and family cannot visit. Even if you do not know a veteran on a personal level, we can all agree that we will never forget what they have done. If not for them, the freedom of our country would not be ensured.

The best part of my day was right when we were dismissed. I was about to depart the area, I walked up a short flight of outdoor, concrete stairs and I could see the entire expanse of the cemetery, covered in wreaths. This got me thinking. In my opinion, a single wreath is good, but I think the greatest thing is that so many wreaths were laid. It shows how many people were true to their nation and how many won’t forget what they and their families gave up for our Country. Most importantly, it seemed like the perfect embodiment of unity. Not only the unity of our country, but also the unity of the Civil Air Patrol’s several divisions of regions and squadrons. We are one.

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