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Goals of the Nevada Wing CAC

Goals of the Nevada WIng CAC

By the NVWG CAC Outreach Committee


The Cadet Advisory Council is a cadet-led program within CAP that promotes coöperation between all squadrons within a wing. Members of the CAC are cadet representatives selected to share the interests and concerns of their squadron with the rest of the wing. With this designation comes the responsibility of giving an accurate, non-biased representation of squadron goals and remaining an active CAC participant, in order to ensure that their squadron is given equal opportunities for representation within the wing. CAC representatives have frequent discussions, during which they collaborate on wing-wide projects to improve the CAP cadet program.

The Nevada Wing CAC is currently involved in several such projects, one of the biggest being developing a plan to increase recruitment and retention of cadets within the wing. Nevada Wing is currently experiencing a decrease in the number of new cadet members and of cadets choosing to renew their membership. Should this trend continue, Nevada Wing will soon experience difficulty in maintaining wing-wide cadet events, such as encampments and drill competitions. For this reason, Nevada Wing CAC is leading an effort to make cadets more interested in CAP by determining activities that cadets would be interested in, as well as determine cadets’  reasons for leaving the program.

Nevada Wing CAC is also working to implement a system of squadron-level awards within the wing. This project is still under development, and would include awards such as “Most Improved PT” or “Most ES Participation.” Squadron-level awards in various categories will serve as an incentive for greater participation in local activities and self-improvement in meetings. Cadets will be able to work towards short-term goals as well as long-term goals, enabling them to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by CAP.

In addition to improving cadet programs, the Nevada Wing CAC has also been working to unify wing leadership. Ensuring that all Nevada Wing CAP members in leadership positions are informed of projects and new proposals allows for easier coördination when planning large events or implementing a new procedure. Additionally, keeping all personnel involved with a decision accurately informed allows for ideas to be shared from a wider range of people than only CAC representatives. By gathering opinions and suggestions from all parts of Nevada Wing, it can be assured that the finished product is beneficial in all aspects.

If you are a cadet with an idea to improve CAP, speak with your squadron CAC representative. The CAC is reliant upon being able to understand the interests and opinions of cadets wing-wide, which cannot be accomplished without direct input being given. Your ideas are valuable, and could be used to improve the CAP experience for cadets all over the wing.

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