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2019 Encampment

2019 Encampment

Cadet 2nd Lt. Jameel High, CAP
Las Vegas Composite Squadron (NV-070)

Civil Air Patrol will be holding its 7th Nevada Wing Encampment event at the beautiful Rising Star Sports Ranch in Mesquite, Nevada on June 22th - June 29th. It is sure to be a great experience. Encampment provides cadet's opportunity to develop leadership skills, team work, helps cadets step out of their comfort zone for personal growth and development and learn about aerospace sciences and related careers. 

Encampment offers the five key traits of cadet life: the uniform, aerospace themes, and opportunity to lead, challenge, and have fun. Encampment can be considered, by parents of Civil Air Patrol cadets, another stepping stone toward maturity. Of course, growing mature is not going to be a walk in the park. Momentary setbacks to their immediate and long-term goals are placed by supervising senior members and their flight cadre in a calculated environment made for safe risk-taking to build the cadets' internal problem-solving abilities and determination. 

Nevada Wing Encampment flaunts regimented, military-like training in a way that is engineered for our own cadets. In comparison, encampment is much more intense than most other cadet activities, but there is something even more intense. National Cadet Special Activities (NCSAs) are nationwide events; any cadet wishing to attend must first attend encampment. For either, cadets will endure strictness, rigorous PT exercises, times that require a strong sense of urgency, and high expectations from parents, senior members, and even their fellow cadets. The life of a cadet is filled with challenges and the thrill of being part of something greater than themselves. 

Cadet Master Sgt. Michael Ramirez, First Sergeant for the Las Vegas Composite Squadron (NV-070), said, "To me, encampment is a rigorous cadet course that challenges you mentally and physically, pushing you to your full capabilities and testing your strengths and weaknesses. It creates bonds with cadets and friendships that will never be broken because you've now all experienced that hardship. It promotes teamwork and discipline in cadets and builds them up for the future."

Another cadet, Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ethan Estes (NV-070), a member of the Las Vegas Composite-Nellis conjoined Color Guard team, said, "Encampment is the challenge that cadets need. It's the opportunity to test and brag their mettle. It is a fierce competition between flights and cadets urging to be the best. Encampment is the place where you will find camaraderie unlike any other, the place you will get to find a brother or sister, and the place you get your satisfaction of graduation. It is no easy feat as you will be tested physically and mentally through grueling challenges you must overcome. It is truly a unique experience for young growing cadets." 

We are looking forward to another successful summer encampment this year.

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