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2019 Regional Cadet Competition

2019 Regional Cadet Competition

By Cadet 2nd Lt. Jameel High, CAP
Las Vegas Composite Squadron (NV-070)


The 2019 Regional Cadet Competition was held just west of us here in Nevada, in sunny California, on March 30th. Everything started up at 0900, but it seemed that everyone had already been energized. This was not just any Saturday. This was the next step toward what may be a cross-country journey for one of several teams of cadets in the Pacific Region. 

Today, competing cadets who won in the state level have driven over the Amry National Guard Readiness Center. Cadets endured hours of strenuous PT, such as the push-ups and Mile Runs. Along with that, they participated in drill, bearings, and Color Guard tests. For months and for maybe even years, squadrons have trained their very hardest to even have a chance at winning this event. 

I know for sure that my home squadron, Las Vegas Composite Squadron (NV-070), has been working very hard from the beginning this event was announced. Cadet Capt. Ryan Casa, Nellis Composite Squadron (NV-069) ventured to the home of the 70th Squadron. We had announced conjointly that we would need a team of the best of the best around to bring home the win. That team turned out to be Cadet Capt. Ryan Casa (NV-069), recently promoted Cadet 1st Lt. Kyle Alamshaw (NV-070), Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Jeremy Owens (NV-070), Cadet Chief Master Sgt. Ethan Estes (NV-070), and older and younger brothers, Cadet Airman Basic Casey McGoffin and Cadet Airman Basic Christopher McGiffin (both NV-070). Senior members also supported everyone's efforts. Captain's Stephanie Mack, Dustin Prosser, and Lt. Karla Morales (all NV-070) practiced with our cadets to hone their skills even more than just our weekly meetings. Capt. Michael Biehn and Maj. Gary Van Cott (both NV-070) drove these cadets to and from the wing and regional championships. Even though the cadets are the best in the squadron, physically and mentally, the teamwork, determination and effort that everyone has put in so far is what got them here... and maybe it will get them to nationals, we'll have to see! I only wish that I could attend!

The winning teams will be traveling to Washington D.C. for the National Cadet Competition. This team would be fighting their way to get, or more accurately, earn the USAF Chief of Staff Outstanding Team Championship Trophy, an envious accomplishment. Below is quoted from the website:

"Sixteen teams consisting of six cadets each compete for the USAF Chief of Staff Outstanding Team Championship Trophy. Each team was selected from the very best during previous state- and regional-level competitions. These extraordinary young people train for months and sometimes years to demonstrate their excellence in a wide range of activities in the arenas of leadership, aerospace, fitness and character. During the 3-day competition, cadets compete in physical challenges, test their knowledge of aviation and leadership, demonstrate the highest levels of precision and teamwork in posting the colors, and above all, cheer each other on in the spirit of teamwork."

While there was a lot of competition, there was even more team spirit being radiated from everyone there. Hopefully, one of the squadrons you are rooting for makes it to Nationals. Either way, make sure to be supportive and optimistic. 

Start practicing right now if you wish to make it past the next year's wing competition. Your opposition is fierce!

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