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Commander's Corner

Commander's Corner

By Lt. Col. Deborah Pierce, CAP
Nevada Wing Commander


Hello, everybody! Welcome to my very first Commanders' Corber! As you all know, Col. Lynn has been promoted to Pacific Region Vice Commander. She has left me some very big shoes to fill, but I'll do my best. Thanks for allowing me to serve you as your Wing Commander. 

One of my primary goals is to untie our Wing - North, South, and East - with everyone working together to carry out CAP's missions. All of them are important and all units should be working to incorporate them into their activities. No unit should be "all" one mission or the other. I'd like a well-rounded Wing in that all units are prepared for any mission any time. One CAP - One Nevada Wing!

A major event - Encampment - is coming up, folks; it will be June 20-29 and Rising Star Resort in Mesquite, NV. The Eventbrite registration system is open so if you're wanting to go to Encampment - don't delay, sign up today! The links are on the new website. And don't forget about the CEAP scholarships to help attendance costs. For more info, check with the Cadet Programs Officer in your unit.

Here's some exciting news - our new website is active! It's at It's still a work in progress but is running now. Check it out! It has been a long time coming; thanks to Capt. Maryan Tooker, 1st Lt. Mark Aguiar and 1st Lt. Dustin Surwill for their hard work. Along with the new website, don't forget about submitting to Silver Wings. It's a great way to get the story out about what's going on in your unit. Send your articles to Lt. Col. Mohammed High at 

I'm working hard to help our Wing move forward into the future with a positive outlook. We really can accomplish amazing things if we all work together and be willing to help. John Donne said, "No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent." Well, I'll paraphrase that as "No unit is an island..." So - let's be positive, work together in all missions, and continue to be the best Wing in CAP. 

Nevada Wing - Every Day!

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