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Nevada Wing Cadet Advisory Council


Nevada Wing Cadet Advisory Council

By the NVWG CAC Outreach Committee

The Nevada Wing Cadet Advisory Council is an active group of cadets that has been in place for an extended period of time and within Civil Air Patrol cadets of all backgrounds are able to contribute to their Wing with their input and ideas. Throughout this time of self isolation, the NVWG CAC has been working on multiple projects and activities to improve the Nevada Wing collectively. Due to the COVID-19 shutting down Civil Air Patrol functions that include,weekly meetings, orientation flights, search and rescue exercises, etc.; the CAC has been putting their best efforts to transition to a virtually-based program where cadets can continue to participate in CAP activities.

First and foremost, encampment has always been an activity that was encouraged by word of mouth and cadets that had previously experienced the life changing activity. The Outreach Committee was first focusing increasing the interest of the 2020 Nevada Wing Encampment and assisted in its publicity with the CAC proposing to have bumper stickers to create a way that the public could catch interest on what CAP is, but also allow cadets and senior members to display their pride and commitment to the program. Additionally, the CAC has created a Nevada Wing Encampment Advertisement Video that allowed for more cadets in the wing to have an overall picture of what encampment had to offer. The CAC, working jointly with the encampment executive cadre, will begin making use of the new NVWG Instagram page to advertise and promote encampment to cadets across Nevada. The instagram page follows; @nvwgcap  

Furthermore, throughout the current public health crisis the CAC has held weekly meetings to address the concerns that cadets would lose interest in the program and would no longer attend weekly meetings once the quarantine order was passed. In order to combat this, the CAC has created a new committee titled the Home Participation Committee, responsible for hosting lessons, study conferences, and a weekly activity for cadets across the wing. So far, the CAC has hosted aerospace and leadership lessons by both cadets and seniors, Q & A sessions to help cadets study for their promotions, and a competitive game every Friday evening ranging from trivia competitions to debates. We would like to express our appreciation for all the volunteers who have come forward to host lectures and activities!

Additionally, the CAC is proud to have hosted a lecture/Q & A session by none other than Maj Gen Smith, the National Commander of the Civil Air Patrol. Both cadets and seniors were invited to attend this virtual activity, learning about Gen Smith’s career in CAP and being able to ask any questions about CAP as a whole. Much appreciation to Gen Smith for responding to the presentation request and being willing to inspire the members of the Nevada Wing!

Cadet input has always been the number one priority for the CAC and without the input of cadets throughout the wing, they are unable to take action. This is especially important now that squadrons are unable to meet in person; the CAC must rely solely upon participation and feedback in virtual activities. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or have an idea of any kind do not hesitate to join the Nevada Wing Discord server. Cadets throughout the wing have enjoyed having conversation about future careers, activities they can attend and most importantly have a reliable source of communication. 

Times are difficult right now, and the United States is being faced with uncertainty unlike any seen in recent history. Members of CAP must continue to display not only their dedication to the Nevada Wing, but their solidarity in connecting with one another during this time of crisis. By working together, we will overcome any obstacle that faces us. Semper Vigilans!

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