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Progress of the NVWG CAC

Progress of the NVWG CAC

By the NVWG CAC Outreach Committee


The Nevada Wing Cadet Advisory Council is a long-standing organization within CAP to provide a method for cadets of all ages and ranks to feel that they are being represented within the wing. In the last quarter, the Nevada Wing Cadet Advisory Council has made significant progress.

At Wing Conference, members of the CAC met in person and hosted both an open and closed meeting. The open meeting was an opportunity for cadets and seniors members to give suggestions and voice concerns regarding the cadet program. The CAC greatly values this input, as it allows us to better understand how we can help to shape the Wing to the needs and wants of even the lowest ranking Cadets. The closed meeting allowed CAC representatives to collaborate on the creation of new progress and form new committees. This meeting is important in that it allows for closer collaboration between representatives.

As a result of these meetings, the CAC has formed three new committees. The PT committee is tasked with publishing a booklet of PT exercises and games for Nevada Wing squadrons in hopes of increasing the fitness and PT enthusiasm in the Wing. The Anti-Hazing Committee is tasked with publishing a pamphlet in order to clarify misconceptions about hazing and CAP regulations. Finally, the Cyber Committee provides a discussion point for cybersecurity and STEM related topics and works to form plans for squadron activities. In, addition, the Outreach Committee has worked to produce this article and is working on ways to get more cadets to set up their wing emails. 

In the next quarter the CAC plans to collaborate through regularly scheduled conference calls in order to complete these projects, as well as share updates and suggestions from squadrons across the wing. When these projects are completed, the finished materials will be shared with each squadron in the wing. Through active participation and dedication to the CAC goals, we hope to make the CAC an active part of every squadron.

In order for the CAC to better represent cadets and understand their interests, it is important that cadets are encouraged to become involved by submitting ideas and concerns. The most direct link of communication to us is through the Nevada Wing Cadet Discord server. This is also a place to connect with fellow cadets.

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