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Commander's Corner

Commander's Corner

By Col. Deborah Pierce, CAP
Nevada Wing Commander

Hello, everybody! As you all know we've been dealing with this incredibly challenging COVID-19 pandemic for over a year now. It seems like forever, doesn't it? This pandemic has been especially tough on our cadets. The Wing Cadet Advisory Council (CAC), chaired by Cadet Capt. Timothy Gelfer, has tried to keep cadets engaged. The CAC has done a great job running Discord meetings, trivia contests, virtual PT classes and help with cadet promotions, as well as providing presentations about various career options for cadets (and some seniors) to consider. Thanks, CAC!

A few rays of sunshine are peeping through the COVID clouds. Nevada Wing is now at Phase II, working to get to Phase III so we can have Encampment this year If it goes, it will be July 25-31 at the USAF Joint Training Facility in Wendover, UT (just across the Nevada/Utah state line on Interstate 80). Other things are happening too - limited in-person meetings at the squadrons. O-rides are occurring. Pilots are refreshing their skills. Members are starting to recognize each other again! Hooray!

December 1 is Civil Air Patrol's 80th Anniversary! How about that - we've been around a while! Nevada Wing has been here since the beginning, too - chartered December 18, 1941. This issue of Silver Wings Over Nevada will be a "special edition" commemorating Nevada Wing's storied history. You don't want to miss that one!

Folks, please don't forget that we are not out of this COVID mess yet. Things are improving but we still have to maintain appropriate COVID protocols - masks and distancing. Consider getting vaccinated to help stop the spread. Thank you, Nevada Wing, for hanging in there. We'll get through this together

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