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Commander's Corner

Commander's Corner

By Col. Carol L. Lynn, CAP
Nevada Wing Commander

Well Folks, I know that I have written articles about change and how it comes whether we are expecting it or not. This will be another article about change that is personal and within the Wing. 

This will be my last article as your Wing Commander. That is the personal change and to me it is bittersweet. I've made lots of friendships in this wing and I don't expect those to go away, but I will be moving to another position and opening up an opportunity for changes within the Wing. 

The new Wing Commander, Lt. Col. Pierce, will probably follow some of the projects that have started, but if not she will have her own ideas about how the Wing should move forward. Our Wing is strong enough that as those changes come, they will be accepted and implemented and they will make this Wing even greater than it is now. 

I want to thank you for the time and support you have given me in the last few years. I have appreciated the conversations and the activities, but now is the time for new conversations and activities.

I have enjoyed my time as your Wing Commander and will still be here to support Nevada Wing, just from a different role. I'm looking forward to this new adventure for both you and me as new things appear on the horizon. 

So, thanks again for allowing me to serve you as your Wing Commander and I look forward to watching Nevada Wing continue to be the best Wing in CAP! NEVADA WING EVERY DAY!!

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